AES/GCM and AES/CBC encryption.


hash for text using MD5, SHA, and SHA3.


GZIP compression. Base64 encoded output.


URL Encoding, Base64 Encoding, and HEX Encoding.

Txtwizard.net is a specialized website designed to provide developers with powerful text manipulation tools. This platform is particularly valuable for development work, offering functionalities that run entirely on the client-side, ensuring efficient and secure processing.

  • Encoding: Includes URL Encoding, Base64 Encoding, and HEX Encoding.
  • Encrypting with AES: Advanced Encryption Standard for secure data handling.
  • Hash Functions: Generate hashes for data integrity and security.
  • Compression Tools: Efficiently compress data for optimized storage and transfer.
  • String Utilities: A variety of string manipulation options for various development needs.

All these features are implemented to run on the frontend, providing developers with a quick, accessible, and reliable suite of tools for their coding and data processing needs.